Author Topic: NHD‐0420DZW‐AY5 SPI Interface  (Read 5199 times)


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NHD‐0420DZW‐AY5 SPI Interface
« on: October 26, 2015, 05:13:10 AM »

I am using NHD‐0420DZW‐AY5 character OLED display, i am using this with SPI interface.
OLED supports 8-bit data, and 2 control bits RS and R/W.
In which RS = 0(commnd), RS=1(Data) and R/W = 0(write), R/W = 1(Read).

I want to write a program to transfer the data to the OLED by combining both RS, R/W with Data, So it will became 10-bit value(RS+R/W+Data).
Is the Character OLED understand that 10-bit format?
Is it work efficiently?



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