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SPI Arduino US2066 Library
« on: October 10, 2019, 10:03:52 AM »
I recently created and released a library for the US2066 Controller on Arduino. It mimics the built in LiquidCrystal library with some added functionality.

 I eventually would like to complete the i2c and parallel portions, but for now the SPI works. It uses a "bit banged" SPI so you can pass the pin numbers or the just the name of the controller("Mega", "mega", "Uno", etc) for the default SPI pins. The controller defaults to 20 x 4 but you can pass the size in the .begin(16, 2). I haven't tested it on a two line, but in theory it should work. I haven't added all the functionality of the US2066, but I eventually I may do that as well. I'm not sure how to get the Arduino Library Manager to pick it up. There is currently a bug in the createChar method... I can't get the 0 character to work.


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