Author Topic: Character LCD NHD‐0220D3Z‐NSW‐BBW‐V3 not receiving correct characters  (Read 6594 times)


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I am having difficulty using the LCD described herein.
When sending hex characters to the LCD I am not getting what is expected. 

I'm using a Serial LCD (NHD‐0220D3Z‐NSW‐BBW‐V3 revision 15) and sending data to it via Terminal Emulator (TERMITE) in 8N1 9600 Baud.
I have tried direct communication using both the RS232 side of transceiver and the TTL side of RS232 Transceiver.
Transceiver is successfully performing with other projects.

I'm running off a Bench top PS at 5V.

I am only wired to Pins 1, 2, & 3 (Rx, Gnd, VCC) of the LCD.
When I attempt to connect Host TX to LCD TX on the TTL side of RS232 Transceiver the LCD doesn't power up.
When I connect the Host TX to LCD TX on the RS232 side of Transceiver, the LCD lights up but when I send characters to the LCD from the host, I characters not intended.

When I send "0x9f" I get "0" on LCD
When I send "0x9d" I get "1" on LCD
The datasheet states it's built in Font Table should display a "y" when I issue a "0x9F" but instead it displays a "0"

AND OF COURSE, I can not get the LCD to respond to other commands like POWER ON, POWER OFF, etc.
Sorry, my setup is not conducive for taking pictures and posting.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?



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Hi Davek,

I have a few more questions, while you are providing 5V to the power, is your logic voltage also 5V?
Can you confirm that you have:
8-Bit Data,
1 Stop Bit,
No Parity Bits,
No Handshaking.

0x9F would leave you somewhere int he center of the table which isn't defined. For y you should be sending 0x79 for the larger y you should send 0xF9


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