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1.8V IO on NHD-2.4-240320CF-CTXI-F



I want to interface the NHD-2.4-240320CF-CTXI-F with an 1.8V system. The datasheet ( mentions that IOVDD can be 1.8V, but the logic IO parameters Vih, Vil, Voh and Vol all are specified in terms of VDD (which is 3.3V). Is this a typo in the datasheet (intuitively, I would expect IOVDD to set the IO logic levels, instead of VDD) or can the display in fact only interface with 3.3V logic?

Thank you!

While the controller for the display (ST7789S) Can work with a 1.8V system, the display will need 3.3V.
Because of this you CAN  use 1.8V on the IOVDD and 1.8V Logic with the data lines (DB0-15, /CS, D/C, /WR, /RD, /RES, IM0)
However you would need to apply 3.3V to the VDD for the LCD circuit. Is it possible for you to supply the +3.3V for the LCD alone?

The logic voltage should be related to the IOVDD, i will make this correction on future spec upgrades.


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