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I found an old thread from March of 2016 and wanted to follow up on a question regarding a display controller. (Old thread: )

In the old thread, Saurabh_B recommended to use a controller board if there is no dedicated TFT controller on the microcontroller. On the controller board is an SSD1963.

I thought that the display itself has built-in driver. In the datasheet, it lists a driver IC OTA7001A. Is the driver IC not the same as a TFT controller?

Is the communication line like such: Microcontroller -> 24RGB -> SSD1963 -> OTA7001A -> Display?

Can you omit the SSD1963 and talk directly to the OTA7001A?


The driver is not the same thing as a TFT controller.

While you will be writing to the driver to show anything on the display, it does not have a built in RAM and it doesn't refresh the screen either.
These would be handled by the controller.
Certain Microcontrollers do have a built in TFT controller which are able to handle TFTs without an issue. These would include PIC24s, TI Sitara and so on.

For smaller less powerful controllers you would need to use a controller such as the SSD1963 or the FT81X.
For this you would have the following:

Processor ---(SPI/ 16/8-Bit Parallel)--->Controller---24RGB--->Driver (OTA7001) --->Display

For a processor with a built in controller you would have:

Processor ---24RGB---> OTA7001 --->Display

Saurabh_B, thanks for the reply! Can you provide any resources on how to develop driver files for displays? Perhaps you can even give me search terms for me to perform on my own? Any guidance would be very helpful.

This would depend on how you are planing on communicating with the display.

Most CTPs have have built in Controllers have multiple drivers available; at times these are even provided by the manufacturer.
If you are going to be using an external controller, this can be quite a bit different. The external controller (SSD1963, EVE, ect...) should have some stock drivers that can be found online.


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