Author Topic: NHD-2.7-12864UCY3 replace to previous version  (Read 1801 times)


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NHD-2.7-12864UCY3 replace to previous version
« on: May 28, 2018, 12:25:06 AM »
The new NHD-2.7-12864UCY3  is not compatible with the previous version.

We have a product equipped with the previous version of NHD-2.7-12864UCY3. Does any easy way to insert the new product into the existing faulty place? What kind of HW and SW modifications is needed?
We need a few pieces for service purpose (less than 100). Are there anybody who has some on stock?

Thank you
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Re: NHD-2.7-12864UCY3 replace to previous version
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2018, 08:13:40 AM »
Hi Zsolt,

The Newhaven Display 2.7” Monochrome Graphics OLED module, NHD-2.7-12864UCY3, has reached End-Of-Life and is being replaced by our new and improved 2.7” OLED module, the NHD-2.7-12864WDY3.

The new module has been designed to match the physical dimensions of its predecessor, and will fit into any existing housings/enclosures used currently. However, due to the current OLED panel’s built-in controller being discontinued, the new module will not be a drop-in replacement.

A product EOL (End‐Of‐Life Notification) was sent out on June 8, 2017.

If you are interested in received the Product EOL/Replacement Transition Guide, please see the link below:

The purpose of this document is to highlight and explain the key differences that need to be accounted for when transitioning from the ‘EOL’ to ‘NEW’ 2.7” Monochrome Graphics OLED module from Newhaven Display.

Best Regards,
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