Author Topic: Random pixels at turn on, and can't change page continuously.  (Read 2900 times)


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Hi, my screen is NHD-C12865AR-FSW-GBW. After initialization and turn on, I see random pixels turned on. I try to clear the RAM by going in every column of every page and write 0x00, but the bytes are only written in the first page of the display. Sometimes, what is supposed to be written in the second page overwrites about 3 pixels of what is written at the end of the first page.

EDIT : I just realized that something makes my A0 GPIO unable to change state from Data to command, which makes me unable to send a command between the data display.
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Re: Random pixels at turn on, and can't change page continuously.
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Correct, you would need to be able to change that pin to be able to send the command to change the page.  Why are you unable to change it?


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