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Title: NHD-320240WX-CoTFH-V#I040 or NHD-320240WG-BxTFH-VZ#
Post by: vonz66 on October 20, 2015, 07:54:59 AM

I am working on a arduino project and would like to use one of the NHD-320240W... (in the subject of the post), but would like to be sure that it is possible before buying all the components.

My project is to display waypoints  (bmp or gif files) plus text and numbers that explain the track. So do not need complex algorithm.

Is the arduino powerfull enough to manage the display ? Do I need to prefer the arduino mega ?

Does it exist any library that would simplify the interface to arduino ? If not Is there any example of code I can get?

In advance

Many thanks



Title: Re: NHD-320240WX-CoTFH-V#I040 or NHD-320240WG-BxTFH-VZ#
Post by: Michael_L on October 23, 2015, 11:42:29 AM
Both the Arduino Uno and Mega can be used to drive this display, and accomplish what you are trying to do.
They both have very little on-board memory for storing things like images, however you can use external memory for the storage of these data types.
We do not offer an Arduino library for the display, only the example code we have available in the display datasheets, and in our App Notes section of our website.
If you must use an Arduino library, I would encourage you to search the internet for Arduino libraries for either the RA8835 or S1D13700 controller (depending on which display you are using), since the controller ICs these displays use are common amongst graphic type LCDs.
It is very likely either Arduino has something that will work, or someone else has made a library to work with the Arduino.