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Title: NHD‐C0220BiZ‐FS(RGB)‐FBW‐3VM Potting
Post by: SebKister on June 22, 2016, 12:13:26 PM

I'm planning to use the NHD‐C0220BiZ‐FS(RGB)‐FBW‐3VM for an underwater device that would require potting in epoxy resin.
Is that device suited for that ?
Thanks for the infos.

Sebastien Kister
Ariane's Line
Title: Re: NHD‐C0220BiZ‐FS(RGB)‐FBW‐3VM Potting
Post by: Saurabh_B on June 22, 2016, 04:51:17 PM

It is possible to achieve your goal to pot this display with resin. However you have to be extremely careful. This display isn't completely sealed and there are chances for some of the resin to seep in behind the display and cause some blotching in the backlight.

Depending on where the resin might seep in, this could cause some areas to get brighter while others get darker.

I would recommend using a waterproof enclosure.