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Title: Data Address
Post by: rwamser on October 21, 2016, 07:48:56 PM
I am using a NHD-0420E2Z-NSW-BBW and I can send Characters to the display but The problem I have is after send characters to the first line ( that works just fine ) When I try to send Characters to the second Line they all go to the Third Line regardless of what Character address I use It appears that the address that I am sending is not being used and what the Display is doing is advancing the start address by one automatically in that the display goes from Line 1 to Line 3 to Line 2 then Line 4.  So how do I get the Display out of automatic address advance and be able to place a character where ever I want ???
Title: Re: Data Address
Post by: Saurabh_B on October 24, 2016, 07:55:52 AM

Are you sending a command to go to line 2? [command(0xC0);]

Because of the way the controller is set-up, the RAM Address can be found on page 5 of the display datasheet.
You would need to use the Set DDRAM Address to move to line 2.