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TFTs / NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV-CTP step/iges file request
« on: July 24, 2015, 12:31:42 AM »
Hi We are doing automotive infotainment development. And we are using NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV-CTP in our module. To prepare the mechanical enclosure, we need ".step/.iges" file for NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV-CTP. if possible kindly share us.

Lakshminarayanan N

TFTs / Re: NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP dull display
« on: November 25, 2014, 11:23:03 PM »
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your support. we have fixed the problem.

The problem is the microprocessor was configured for18 bit display interface. but the display is 24 bit interface. the MSB of RGB (R6, R7, G6,G7,B6,B7) are driven as "1" by the microprocessor. thats why the display looks saturated. right now we isolated the those 6 bits R6, R7, G6,G7,B6,B7 from driving the the 24 bit display. after this change the display works good. but some what dull. because R6, R7, G6,G7,B6,B7 are "0" now. we could not reach the full brightness.

We have requested our software team to configure the microprocessor display interface to 24 bit. once they have configured, we can use those 6 bits and get the full brightness of the display.

Thanks for your support Michael.  good day

Lakshminarayanan N

TFTs / Re: NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP dull display
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:35:43 PM »
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.
1) We have tried with other display. still we get the same problem
2) the HSYNC, VSYNC timings are ok. when we changed them the display is rolling.
3) We are supplying 17V to the display (back light).
(the supply is driven from a boost converter, in that converter we do not set any output voltage. we set only over voltage protection range(our case 18V). but the voltage output  is built to drive enough the LCD backlight diodes. In our case the output voltage is built upto 17V. Boost converter part no is: TPS61199PWP
4) the signals are (RGB, control) are above 3V
5) for brightness checking, we changed the back light PWM

We are trying also for gamma correction, hue correction using software. still we have the problem

Can you diagnose what kind of problem can make the display to behave like this. Since we are new to display, we are not sure where to check.

Please help us

Lakshminarayanan N

TFTs / NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP dull display
« on: November 19, 2014, 08:40:50 AM »
Hi ,

Good day, we are using NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP display in our system. the display is working. but the display looks very dull. we have changed the display brightness for the full range. but still the display looks dull. please find the attachment this is our first experience with the LCD displays. so we don't know where to check and what to check.

1) we are doubting for contrast issue. if it is contrast issue how to tune it. In the LCD display interface we have no relevant signals for that

Please help us to fix it

Lakshminarayanan [/img]

[attachment deleted by admin]

TFTs / NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP touch screen details
« on: June 24, 2014, 07:30:03 AM »
Hi we are designing a new module. in that we are planning to use the following display NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP. we have two queries

1) For touch screen interface contact side is not mentioned in the specification
2) For tocuh screen interface pin 1 marking is not shown

please help us for the queries

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