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Character LCDs / Ways to connect C0220AZ-FSW-FTW to your system.
« on: February 25, 2015, 02:35:05 PM »
Hello all,

As the title might suggest I have a C0220AZ-FSW-FTW, that I would like to connect up.  I currently have one of these display with wires just soldered onto it.  This is not an ideal solution for what I have in mind. 

From looking at the documentation for this screen I see that the pitch for the data pins are 1.8mm, as best as I can figure.  I was looking on the new haven site to find a way to connect this screen to, lets say a ribbon cable and was not able to find one.  I did see they have a PCB board that is like a Universal board, but due to the price and size of the board it will also not work.

Any suggestion is appreciated.  Thank you.

some links:

dispaly link:

PCB link:

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