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Graphic LCDs / NHD-320240WX-COTFH-V#I041 w/ 6809 uP
« on: April 01, 2015, 06:39:00 PM »
I just recently bought the subject graphics display from Jameco:

The product was advertised as a 5 volt device but upon closer examination it appears to be powered by 3.3 volts.  That is not a problem but I am kind of confused and need some clarification on a couple of things.  I apologize for the newbie question but I have not actually built a project that utilizes an LCD display before and I want to ensure that I interface the uP and the device up correctly.  The product specs sheet shows on page 4 that the VSS and VDD terminals are both wired to the same VSS and VDD terminals of the MPU.  Since the 6809 is a 5 volt device does the LCD device accept a 5 volt supply or is that an error on the specs sheet?  If it is an error does that mean that the data and control lines from the MPU require level shifting to 3.3 volts or can they be wired directly to their corresponding pins of the LCD device?

Lastly, SEL1 line is indicated as non connected and a jumper JSEL selects the SEL1.  Is this device configured for the 6800 family MPU or 8080 family?

Thanks for your help.

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