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I have several  16x2 NHD-0216KZW-AY5  displays that have a permanent group, vertically aligned, that are brighter than the adjacent dots. The vertical brighter dots span both lines
These dots do not turn off completely when not addressed by a character, and show much brighter when addressed.

I have one display that is i ntermittent with this same action. One minute it will be normal, the I will get a vertical series thta donot fully turn off.

Is this a temperature issue?

Intermittent unit running at 31 deg C inside an instrument cabinet

The permanent units, came back from a field trip, where they were operated at -30 Deg C

We have 55 units operating with the NHD-0216KZW-AY5 display, and only 4 have the issue.

any help would be appreciated


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