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OLEDs / NHD 2.8-25664UCY2 & Arduino DUE ... help!
« on: December 22, 2015, 04:45:22 AM »
Hi, I'm new to the forum, a greeting to all of you.
I write because I need help to verify the integrity of my display NHD 2.8-25664UCY2.
The display is connected to the Arduino board according to the scheme I have attached,
so far only the display called DED. Please do not take into account the connection of the white wire on Arduino,
actually was the correct connection on the center pin.

To operate the display I used a code written by another person and that takes advantage of the libraries U8glib.
But since they changed version of the code and I have updated the OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit and updated the IDE of Arduino TWO,
the display does not work, or rather, remains completely black.

Unfortunately I can not program the Arduino and I would not know how to test the display with a simple code.
I wonder if any of you can write a simple code and get me to the terminal plan in order to test the operation of the display so as to rule out a malfunction.

I thank you and I offer my best wishes for a Merry Christmas.

(sorry for my english)

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