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TFTs / NHD‐2.4‐240320SF‐CTXL#‐FTN1 touch-screen problem
« on: December 09, 2014, 03:21:01 AM »
Hello all,
I connected my PIC32 with a NHD‐2.4‐240320SF‐CTXL#‐FTN1.
I do not have touch controller. Instead I am using the ADCs of PIC.
I was trying to handle the touch screen controller with a basic test code. I get the sampling points from ADC for all values, like X and Y coordinate, Z1 and standby values.
I wrote a simple test program which firstly makes a 5 point calibration, then draws the point that I touched on the screen.
Interesting things happened then.
As you see in the image attached, there is a region on the screen where I cannot touch at all (of course I can physically touch but I get the pixel values out of the region). It looks like a plus sign. I re-checked my code and the calibration values. Everything seems fine. Out of the untouchable(!) region, things works fine and smooth.
BTW, LCD works fine. I can draw a full-size png file without any problem.

What could be the reason?

[attachment deleted by admin]

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