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OLEDs / I2C Errors on NHD-0216CW-AB3 but not NHD-0220CW-AB3
« on: December 01, 2016, 11:09:50 AM »
We recently designed a circuit around your 16x2 OLED display (p/n NHD-0216CW-AB3).  Prior to this, we were using your 20x2 display (p/n NHD-0220CW-AB3).  The display is being controlled using the I2C interface from NXP micro LPC1837.  The bus is running at 400KHz and have no problems with the 20x2 display.  After switching to the 16x2 display, occasional I2C bus errors are observed (including NACK and erroneous display characters).  Both display and micro are being powered by 3.3V (VDD = 3.3V, REGVDD = GND).

The data sheet timing between the two devices are identical, so we're quite puzzled.  Has anyone experienced similar issues?

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