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Character LCDs / Controlling 1x16 character display NHD-0116GZ.
« on: May 13, 2014, 09:24:34 PM »
I had been programming and using 1x20 character LCD displays for some 30 years, never had ANY single problem. These were Optrex, Samsung and others, all based on Hitachi LCD controller.
Too bad they are no longer available, I have to use this dreadful Newhaven 1x16.
The specific problem is: I cannot display 2nd line of 8 characters. No matter what I do.
It seems there is some flaw with the Sitronics LCD controller.
All the sample programs that they show do not work. Meaning, I can't make them work. None explain how to start 2nd line, address hexC0.
No matter how I change the initialization, the second 8 characters are always blank.
I guess the sample programs were written by people who did not have to make them work. None of them show how to get the second 8 characters started.
I use two types of microprocessors, 65C02 and Microchip PIC.
I program PIC in MicroEngineering Labs PicBasic. It works perfectly.
I guess they went through the agony of finding the way through Sitronics bugs.
They always put in the starting line address hex80 and hexC0.
When I send this instruction in 65C02 assembly language, it gets ignored.
If I could get to assembler language output of PicBasic, then I would be able to convert it to 65C02 assembly code. Unfortunately, that is not possible.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Please, no C code, I don't know that.

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