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TFTs / Operating Temperature range NHD-10.1-1024600AF-LSXV#-CTP
« on: August 23, 2017, 02:57:10 PM »
Hi, I plan to use the NHD-10.1-1024600AF-LSXV#-CTP for use in agriculture machinery. I'm not sure if this range is well suited for the application in mind, because some machines in some zones of our country are near / below 0 C or near 50 C. And the LCD operating temperature is 0 ~ 50 Degrees Celsius.

So my questions are:
- what happen if the display is near or little below 0 degrees Celsius?
- what happen if the display is near 50 degrees Celsius ?
- Is there any option for this type of LCD with an extended range of temperature, like -20~70 degrees Celsius?

Thanks in advance! (sorry about my english)


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