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New Product Releases / New additions to our 2.4" TFT display line
« on: December 29, 2014, 12:08:26 PM »

New 2.4" TFTs have been added to our display line.

Now available, these new additions provide extra FFC connection options to our 2.4" TFT display line.
One model features high brightness, providing the user with enhanced image quality, adding an upgrade to any application. 
Available upon request, both models can also include a resistive touch panel.

•   240x320 pixels
•   Built-in ST7789S controller
•   8‐bit or 16‐bit Parallel MPU interface
•   FFC ZIF I/O connection
•   12:00 optimal viewing angle
•   2.8V power supply
•   Wide operating temperature
•   RoHS compliant

• Click here for pricing and purchasing:

New Product Releases / Our 1st line of SLIM character OLEDs have arrived.
« on: December 15, 2014, 11:13:11 AM »

New Slim OLEDs
  Vivid. Organic. Affordable.

Offering half the thickness and twice the contrast of standard OLED module displays, these new Slim OLEDs are
a more affordable OLED option for any industry. Available in 2x16, 2x20 and 4x20 character formats, the new slim
OLEDs add additional color options to the OLED display line. Red, green, blue, and yellow color options are offered
in each display size. These displays come packaged as complete modules that include all required logic at only a
5mm thickness. With 3 built-in font tables, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 10ųsec response time, and built-in screen savers,
these new displays will offer any industry an upgrade to their current monochromatic character application.

•   5mm thin
•   2x16, 2x20, 4x20 character formats
•   >160° viewing angle
•   Double height characters
•   Red, blue, green and yellow color options
•   10,000:1 contrast ratio
•   10ųsec response time
•   Built-in US2066 controller
•   Modules include all necessary logic
•   SPI, I2C and parallel interfaces
•   -40°C ~ +85°C operating temp.
•   Low power: 2.4~3.6VDD
•   RoHS compliant

Part Number Listing:
Colors             2x16 Sizes2x20 Sizes4x20 Sizes
• BLUE:    NHD-0216CW-AB3         NHD-0220CW-AB3         NHD-0420CW-AB3         
• GREEN:       NHD-0216CW-AG3         NHD-0220CW-AG3         NHD-0420CW-AG3         
• RED:            NHD-0216CW-AR3           NHD-0220CW-AR3          NHD-0420CW-AR3         
• YELLOW:      NHD-0216CW-AY3           NHD-0220CW-AY3          NHD-0420CW-AY3         

• Click here for pricing and purchasing:
• Learn more in our Product Knowledge Center:

New Product Releases / Full Color OLEDs are now available!
« on: August 04, 2014, 09:04:49 AM »
New Full Color OLEDs

Newhaven Display's full color OLEDs are now available in sizes 1.27", 1.5", and 1.69". Featuring 262K colors,
these passive matrix displays have a sharper and crisper viewing quality when compared to LCDs because
of their rich black levels and 2000:1 contrast ratio. These displays also have faster and smoother graphic
animations because of their 10 ųsec response time. Full color OLED displays are perfect for any industry,
especially consumer and handheld because of their low power consumption. These unique displays also
include a module containing all necessary logic. They do not have a backlight, which enables them to be 5mm
thin fully assembled. Available upon request, Newhaven Display's full color OLEDs can include a resistive or
capacitive touch panel.


•   18bit/ 262K Colors
•   128x96, 128x128, & 160x128 resolution
•   >160 degrees viewing angle
•   2000:1 contrast ratio
•   Built-in controller
•   Serial/Parallel MPU interface
•   256-step brightness
•   Built-in sleep mode
•   10ųsec response time
•   Low power
•   -30°C ~ +70°C operating temp.
•   RoHS compliant

     P/N: NHD-1.27-12896UGC3
     P/N: NHD-1.5-128128UGC3
     P/N: NHD-1.69-160128UGC3

Click here for pricing and purchasing:
Learn more fun facts about these beautiful displays:

New 7.0" TFTs with Capacitive Touch

Newhaven now offers capacitive touch to the 7.0” TFT display line. This new capacitive touch is available
on both the economical and MVA 7.0” TFTs. With the distinct features of a TFT, along with the additional
benefits of integrating capacitive touch, these displays are ideal candidates for any industry that wants
to enhance the user interface experience.

This touch panel not only looks sleek, but it also has interactive abilities, and is exceptionally durable in
environments that may be exposed to water, dust, and grease. The capacitive touch panel supports five
simultaneous touches, including swipe and zoom gestures, and can be activated with a bare finger, a
capacitive stylus, or a touchscreen-compatible glove. Newhaven Display’s capacitive touch panel comes with
a built-in I2C interface controller, allowing for quick time to market while keeping development costs low.

7.0" MVA Capacitive TFT Features

•   Wide viewing angles (75° all angles)
•   800xRGBx400 resolution
•   Capacitive touch panel with built-in controller
•   16.7M colors
•   Intense color reproduction and depth
•   24‐bit digital RGB interface
•   Fast response time
     P/N: NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP

7.0" Economical Capacitive TFT Features

•   Cost effective
•   800xRGBx400 resolution
•   Capacitive touch panel with built-in controller
•   16.7M colors
•   12:00 optimal view
•   24‐bit digital RGB interface
•   Fast response time
     P/N: NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXL#-CTP

Click here for pricing and purchasing:

New Product Releases / New 4.3" IPS TFTs
« on: March 24, 2014, 09:37:54 AM »
New 4.3" IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT displays

The new 4.3” IPS TFT technology features extra-wide viewing angles with consistent color reproduction.
This is achieved by the horizontal arrangement of the liquid crystals that allows the backlight to easily pass
through the liquid crystals without twisting and refracting. These TFTs also have fast response times,
wide operating temperatures, are RoHS compliant, and are offered with and without resistive touch panels.
They are the perfect match for any visually demanding application that requires a broader viewing angle.


•   80° viewing angle
•   480 x 800 resolution
•   Portrait mode
•   Optional resistive touch panel
•   16.7M colors
•   Built-in HX8369 controller
•   8-LED backlight
•   16‐bit 8080 mode parallel MPU interface
•   Consistent color reproduction

Product Part Numbers

Click here for pricing and purchasing:

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