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Thank you for your help, it works


I connected pin#1 to GND and pin#2 to  40mA @ 19.2V from a power supply, and I still do not see the Backlight turn on.
* Do I need to connect some type of resistor in series between pin#2 and the power supply?
* What are the minimum requirement(pins) for the Blacklight to turn on?  I do not have the 6 pins from the touch screen connected do they have to be connected?

Iím very new to LCD interfacing to a micro-controller. I am using the Newhaven Display Intl NHD-4.3-480272EF-ATXL#-CTP on LPC2478-32 Developer's Kit. I am train the code similar to based on the IAR sample code but with these settings:
#define C_GLCD_REFRESH_FREQ     (50HZ)
#define C_GLCD_H_SIZE           480
#define C_GLCD_H_FRONT_PORCH    2
#define C_GLCD_H_PULSE          41
#define C_GLCD_H_BACK_PORCH     2
#define C_GLCD_V_SIZE           272
#define C_GLCD_V_FRONT_PORCH    2
#define C_GLCD_V_PULSE          10
#define C_GLCD_V_BACK_PORCH     2
I have not got my screen back light to turn on, what connections am I doing wrong? ( )

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