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This category lists our alphanumeric VFD modules.

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Size Product Image Description Sample Price
125.0mm x 35.5mm M0116SY-161MSAR1-S2

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*Sample quantity available: 0 pcs
Non-Stocked: 1000pc MOQ, 1x16 Alpha Characters, 5.0mm x 3.0mm (CH x CW), Serial I/O, RoHS

Controller/Driver: ATMEGA+OKI-L9272


Minimum:  1000Request Volume Pricing
Minimum:  1000
177.3mm x 32.0mm M0116MY-161LSBR2-S2

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*Sample quantity available: 10 pcs
Non-Stocked: 1000pc MOQ, 1x16 Alpha Characters, 11.1mm x 6.4mm (CH x CW), Serial I/O, Mega IC, RoHS

Controller/Driver: ATMEGA+OKI-L9272


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