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1.5in Color OLED Arduino Shield, Works with Arduino UNO/Arduino UNO SMD, 128x128 pixels, 262K colors, Serial MPU interface, Built-in logic level shifting for 3.3V & 5V operation, microSD card reader
  • Size: 53.34mm x 68.58mm

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We fit all the high-quality images of our standard OLED displays into a 1.5” Arduino shield, ready to pair with Arduino’s most popular development boards. This is the ideal solution for upgrading any small size display application with a more advanced, low power technology. We designed this board with all levels of engineers in mind, from hobbyists to professionals, making it a versatile tool for learning or development. Our OLED Arduino Shields are designed with a single row pin-out for easy breadboarding, video support and all the same capabilities as the standard OLED displays. Just connect your board directly to the back of the shield and get started, without any extra controllers or cables. Engineers can take advantage of Arduino’s rapidly growing community to share code developed by others, including Newhaven Display’s own in-house engineering team. Visit our support forum or resource center for more information.

Request an Evaluation Kit

Request an evaluation kit to see a display powered on and in action before it’s built into your project. Just provide us with the NHD part number you’d like to evaluate and what controller you would ideally like to drive it, and we’ll put together a live example of your desired display.

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