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Welcome to Newhaven's Product Knowledge Center. Here you will find information regarding our OLEDs, LCDs, VFDs and our NHDev Development Board. This page was designed to provide vital information for design engineers, CMs, OEMs and Project Managers to help aid them in finding the right display type for their projects.

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Display Technology Comparison Chart

Newhaven Technologies Sunlight Readable Viewing Angle Power Consumption Lifetime Brightness Graphic Capabilities Operating Temps Built-in Font Tables Contrast Ratio Cost
Character OLEDs Decent Great Great Good Great N/A Great Yes Great Decent
Graphic OLEDs Decent Great Great Not The Best Great Yes Great N/A Great Decent
TFTs Not The Best Good Good Good Good Yes Decent N/A Good Good
Character LCDs Great Decent Decent Good Decent N/A Decent Yes Decent Decent
Graphic LCDs Great Decent Not The Best Good Decent Yes Decent N/A Decent Not The Best
Character COG LCDs Great Decent Great Good Decent N/A Good Yes Decent Great
Graphic COG LCDs Great Decent Great Good Decent Yes Good N/A Decent Great
VFDs Decent Great Not The Best Great Great N/A Great Yes Great Not The Best
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Color OLED Arduino Shields

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