240x64 Resolution

240x64 Pixels | Monochrome

This display provides a 240x64 pixel grid to display graphics with FSTN(+), STN(+) gray, STN(+) yellow/green, or STN(-) blue display modes. Light mode options include transflective or transmissive.

This display is also available as a Chip-On-Glass (COG) display. COG LCDs offer the same display modes and backlight colors as our standard displays, but have their ICs directly bonded to the glass for a slimmer profile.

Family: 24064CZ

Base Model Details
Dimensions: 118.0mm x 45.0mm
Base Sample Price: $39.44
pc. Minimum 500

+ Additional Display Options Available


Family: 24064WG

Base Model Details
Dimensions: 180.0mm x 65.0mm
Base Sample Price: $48.40
pc. Minimum 100

+ Additional Display Options Available


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