2x8 Character Count

2 Rows | 8 Characters

2x16 Character LCDs have 2 lines of 16 (5x7 pixel) characters. The listed 2x16 LCDs have FSTN (+) gray, FSTN (-) black, STN (+) gray, STN (+) yellow/green, or STN (-) display modes and use transflective, reflective, or transmissive light modes. Choose any character LCD backlight color with options ranging from white, blue, red, green, orange, or RGB. Our 2x16 character LCDs support multiple character sizes, double row character heights, and even customized, user-generated characters. Learn how you can make your own custom characters on our 2x16 character LCD! 2x16 Character LCDs can be made into Chip-On-Glass (COG) models. COG LCD offerings have identical display types and backlight colors as standard displays, but allow for a slimmer profile.

Family: 0208AZ

Base Model Details
Dimensions: 40.0mm x 35.4mm
Base Sample Price: $9.45

+ Additional Display Options Available

Family: 0208BZ

Base Model Details
Dimensions: 58.0mm x 32.0mm
Base Sample Price: $9.44

+ Additional Display Options Available

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