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16-bit controller Board (SSD1963) for 5.7" QVGA TFT display


I need a Digital controller board for 5.7in TFT displays. 3.3V input. 16-bit parallel MCU interface.

Controller/Driver: SSD1963-16bit

I guess the part number would be NHD-5.7-320240WFB-34 Controller Board ????

I couldn't find it on the website?
Can you quote?



Unfortunately we do not have a 16 bit controller board for the 5.7" TFT displays. However the NHD-5.7-320240WFB-ETXI#-1 does come with a 16 bit controller.

And for the month of September we have a 10% off sale on all of our TFT displays if you were interested in this display.


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