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Please let me know

1. If it is compulsory to connect LED- and LED+ of this display to get the analog circuitry powered up. I have them not connected and i am wondering if this is the reason for my display not working.

2. Also please provide a sample code or initialization code for the display controller part of it which is using HX8264-D02 as i am not able to get it up and running. it is kind of urgent please.


I am interfacing it with Atmel ATSAMA5 processor

I don't have the mentioned display here, but yes you have to connect LED- and LED+. These pins are for the backlight. The display should work without powering the LEDs but it will be very hard to see anything. You have to apply 60mA according to the datasheet.

The HX8264-D02 is the source driver of the display, all its needed configuration has been set by Newhaven by hardware and is not externally configurable. You don't need any initialization, this is not a controller.
Anyhow you can find the datasheet here:
At page 52 you can see that it is recommended to use a certain power on/of sequence of applying the voltages.
Power ON: VDD, VSS - VDDA, VSSA - V1 to V14
Power OFF: V1 to V14 - VDDA, VSSA - VDD, VSS
Timings are also given in the datasheet.
Additionally you have to use the standby pin to exit/enter standby when powering on/off.


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