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320x240 TFT landscape


Looking for a landscape type 3.5", 320x240 with 8-bit 8080 parallel interface.
3.6Vmax for compatibility to replace the existing ones.
Two LEDs in series to suppress the EMI, agreement.
What's the difference? Working read RAM command.

We offer a standard controller board for the 3.5" TFTs that will mount on the back of the display and provide an 8-bit parallel MCU interface to drive the 24-bit parallel TFT.
Please see our part# NHD-3.5-320240MF-20 at

This board contains the controller/driver SSD1963 and is configurable with software to display images in Landscape mode by changing its rotation in the frame buffer.

The SSD1963 datasheet can be found here:
See the Command Table on pg 21 for the get_address_mode command.

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