Author Topic: NHD-1.8-128160EF-CTXI# problem: becomes pale after using it for some time  (Read 6165 times)


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For a big project for our customer we used the NHD-1.8-128160EF-CTXI# display.
We have produced about 100 units now. Of these, at least 2 units have a display that have gone without picture (white screen, only backlight is visible) and some displays have become pale (reduced contrast).

We are worried more displays will fail. We are expecting to ship 10k-30k units eventually, but this problem should be resolved first.

The displays are initialized according to the settings given in the datasheet. The displays are powered from a 2.8V rail (both IOVDD and VDD). IO levels used by the microcontroller that drives the display are also 2.8V.

What can be the problem? Is this a quality issue or are we using the displays the wrong way?


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I very much doubt this is a quality issue, as we have not heard of this before, and have not seen this in our testing.  Can you send me a schematic showing your connections to the display?  Also, can you send me your initialization and write command/data functions?  If it is easier for you, you may email us at with these items.
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