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Full Color OLEDs are now available!

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The NHD-1.5-128128UGC3 cannot be used with 5 volts.  It can only take a maximum of 3.5 volts as indicated on the specification sheet. 


--- Quote from: Michael_L on October 28, 2014, 08:23:34 AM ---I'm sorry but we do not have such a guide to program the display.  Also, we do not have example code specifically for the Cortex-M4, but the Arduino example code should be easily portable to any platform.  That code is a full example program for the display, and shows the basics such as writing to it, and initializing, and also includes examples of writing "useful" pixel data.

--- End quote ---

Is there at least a document that explains "Pre-Charge Time", "Pre-Charge Current", etc.  I don't see how I can use your product if your company doesn't explain such things as in a programmer's guide. 
Thanks George


To allow customers to work with our displays, we provide working initialization code to get the display setup properly.  We also provide the logic needed to communicate to the display (writing data & commands) within the example code.  You can find example code for our displays on our website, here:
Once there, you can either click "Arduino" as there is some nice Arduino example code available for our color OLEDs, or you can click "Ex. code" for additional files.
You can also access our github page to view these examples for the color OLEDs here:
For detailed information on the initialization settings and the OLED driver IC, please refer to the SSD1351 datasheet (there is a link to it on page 6 of our datasheet for the display).
Also, you should be able to find additional code examples/libraries by searching the web for SSD1351 libraries.  Here is one I just found:

Hope this helps!


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