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Full Color OLEDs are now available!

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These OLEDs displays can draw up to that much current, but this is only if all pixels are fully ON.  In a more typical application, the display will draw anywhere from 75-200mA depending on what is displayed on the screen.

ok, thank you, good product!

I just bought a NHD‐1.69‐160128UGC3.  Now the hard part...programing it!
Is there an API for IT's Tiva Cortex-M4 chips (in C).  I've seen the Arduino example, but would like it for Cortex-M4.
Or at least a programmer's learning guide.  I don't mean the data sheet that only lists all the registers, I mean a well explained guide on how to program the display. 
Thanks George

I'm sorry but we do not have such a guide to program the display.  Also, we do not have example code specifically for the Cortex-M4, but the Arduino example code should be easily portable to any platform.  That code is a full example program for the display, and shows the basics such as writing to it, and initializing, and also includes examples of writing "useful" pixel data.

NHD-1.5-128128UGC3 interfacing question

Are the SPI pins on the NHD-1.5-128128UGC3 OLED display 5 volt tolerant?

The example code if for an Arduino Uno R3 which is a 5 Volt board.

Thank you in advance,



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