Author Topic: Voltages and Power_Control registers with NHD-1.8-128160EF-CSXN#-F  (Read 44 times)


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Hi all!

We are using the NHD-1.8-128160EF-CSXN#-F in our design and we noticed a slight flickering that we did not see with the NHDev board. We believe that the flickering is caused by the different voltages of the power supply because we use 1.8 V for IOVDD and 2.6 V for VDD. On the NHDev board we measured 3.3 V for both.

The display is initialized with the same sequence as on page 10 in the datasheet. The commands for Power_Control are suspicious as they set the voltages for the TFT and they probably need to be adapted for our power supply. My question is if the parameter of the Power_Control should be changed when different voltages are used and if yes to which values? Also we will maybe change VDD to 2.8 V and in the next days we will install additional capacitors to make the power supply more stable.


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