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NHD-C0220BiZ- Series 2x20 Display mounting on PCB


Hi i planned to use NHD-C0220BiZ-FS(RGB)-FBW-3VM LCD Display.
1. Is there any land pattern recommendation for the LCD display mounting ?
2. Is the Back-light LED contacts are flexible contact or through hole ?
3. If i want to stack the LCD display rather than mounting directly on PCB, do you have any recommendation for the LCD as well as back-light connectors?

1. All we have available to assist with this is the information in the mechanical drawing on page 3 of the datasheet:
We have a 3d model available for the white backlight version of this display if that would help (only the backlight contacts will be different between the two).
If you would like this model, please email us at
2. The backlight contacts are not flexible.  They are rectangular, thru-hole contacts.
3. We don't use this type of connector to test these displays, as they are meant to be soldered directly to the PCB.  We don't have any recommended connectors for this type of setup.

Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply.

As i can see in the datasheet, the LED contacts have a length of 4.2mm, thickness of 0.6mm. What is the width of those contacts since you mentioned it as rectangular ?

Also i can see the LCD contacts also rectangular with 0.5mm width & 0.3mm thickness.

The width of each backlight contact is 1.25mm.


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