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NHD-0420DZW-AY5 , Clear Display function



I really can not understand why Newhaven have apparently binned years of support information from the forum, it means that your engineers are going to have to answer all the same questions again! Is the old forum out there somewhere so I can look stuff up still?

Anyhow... I want to understand the Clear Display function better. I take it from the datasheet that using function 0x01 should write 0x20 into all the DRAM, there by clearing the display.

I still seem to get spurious characters appearing in the positions that I have not addressed directly other than by using the clear display function.

Any thoughts?


We were experiencing issues with the old forum, and we needed to make this new forum in hopes we would be able to import all previous posts.  Unfortunately we are not able to successfully perform this import, and therefore these old posts are now not available to view.  Of course you are right, it means many of the same questions will need to be answered, which is unfortunate for both our customers and us engineers!  :(  We deeply apologize for this complication, and any inconveniences it may cause, but we hope for this forum to be much better that the last, and easier to use with more features!

As for your clear display question, what interface are you using with this display?  Parallel? 4-bit or 8-bit? Serial?
All you are sending is command 0x01 and nothing else?  Once you send this command, that is when you are seeing these random characters?


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