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NHD-C0216CZ-NSW-BBW-3V3 Voltage booster Capacitor Voltage


The spec sheet for NHD-C0216CZ-NSW-BBW-3V3 shows two capacitors required but does not mention what voltage these should be. I see two are part of the Voltage Booster circuit but there is no mention of what voltage is going to appear on these pins. I expect it will be greater that 3.3V but just how much greater?

Also on the capacitor, is "0.47uF‐2.2uF" arbitrary, anything will do, or are there design parameters that will affect the value used?

The spec sheet does not explain how contrast is altered but I see from other posts that this might be by software. That is clever, but new to me. I think this detail should be included on the specs. There is a "Contrast Set"  mentioned in the "Instruction Table 1 (IS=1)" with four bits and a note about follower mode  ???. Not much use. Also "Call writecom(0x70);" in the Example. A referral to the Controller Information link for Contrast would be good.

I hope I can use this display upside down and expect I will find that info somewhere in the controller sheet.

Thankyou in advance for comments on these issues.

The voltage booster circuit will go up to approx. 6.5V.  As for the capacitor values, anything in that range will do just fine.  We typically use 1F caps for our testing purposes.

Yes you are correct, our datasheet only shows the available command set of the Sitronix ST7032 controller.  For additional information and more details on these commands, please refer to the ST7032's datasheet, accessible by clicking the link on page 5 of our datasheet for the display.  Once you get to that document, see pages 26 and 27 for contrast information.

To address your last question, you cannot use the display upside down, as there is no function available to flip the characters.

Thanks Michael. I have finally got the display on the test bench. Your last comment about flipping the display. This is covered on page 55 of the Sitronix ST7032 datasheet and would need a couple more pins brought out of the driver module.


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