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NHD‐C12864A1Z‐FSW‐FBW‐HTT display clears after draw

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Ok, problem solved - and this was a weird one!

Finally got some quality time with our hardware guy, and after a bit he noticed that the voltage levels on the GPIO pins were never falling below 1V!  So, the waveforms LOOKED fine on first glance but once you measured them, it became painfully obvious.  Backtracing the signal chain we discovered that the output from the MSP430 was, indeed, never dropping to zero.

LONG story short, it turns out the weird ZIF socket on the TI prototyping board had come loose on ONE SIDE of the chip, so only that side was loosely connected. and somehow that was causing all the I/O pins on that side to hold at 1V even though the GPIO register had it at zero.. no wonder nothing on that side was working!

So now, it's working fairly well, I have a cut-and-pasted version of the picture from the demo app up on the display, I'm happy, the hardware guy is happy, and the project manager is all excited (doesn't take much, sometimes).

Wow that is weird!  I'm glad you now have the display working.  Thanks for sharing your solution!


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