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New 4.3" IPS TFTs


New 4.3" IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT displays

The new 4.3 IPS TFT technology features extra-wide viewing angles with consistent color reproduction.
This is achieved by the horizontal arrangement of the liquid crystals that allows the backlight to easily pass
through the liquid crystals without twisting and refracting. These TFTs also have fast response times,
wide operating temperatures, are RoHS compliant, and are offered with and without resistive touch panels.
They are the perfect match for any visually demanding application that requires a broader viewing angle.


   80 viewing angle
   480 x 800 resolution
   Portrait mode
   Optional resistive touch panel
   16.7M colors
   Built-in HX8369 controller
   8-LED backlight
   16‐bit 8080 mode parallel MPU interface
   Consistent color reproduction

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