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NHD‐0420CW‐AG3: blinking part of text?


I have one more question about the NHD‐0420CW‐AG3 OLED display: is it possible to make some text blink?

I'm using the display to control a machine, and in some situations, I want to show the word 'PAUSED' blinking, with the rest of the text static. I found blink on/off functions for the cursor and for the display as a whole, but not for just part of the text, e.g. defined like this:

[text (static)]
[command: blink enable]
[text (blinking)]
[command: blink disable]
[text (static)]

Or do I have to take care of this myself, periodically overwriting the blink text with spaces?

Thanks once more in advance,

Richard Rasker


Unfortunately there are no commands that allow you to partially make text blink.
You will have to delete and rewrite the text you would want blinking. 

You can blink the user-defined characters.  Check out the US2066 controller manual, available from the product description page.
If you're not otherwise using those characters, you coud redefine them any time you want - so long as you don't need more than 8 different characters/letters at the same time.  Also, make sure you are using one of the fonts that lets you "see" the CGRAM characters.   Look at the Function Selection B command and Section 5.13.


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