Author Topic: 16 bit color with an ILI9328?  (Read 2689 times)


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16 bit color with an ILI9328?
« on: March 31, 2016, 04:53:04 PM »
The ILI9328 is controlling a 2.4" 240x320 LCD TFT display.  While I am still having timing issues, that is a separate issue in a different thread.

The design I choose to use is a 16 bit interface.  The problem - why else would I be writing to the forum - is that the display is not showing the full red color. 

Cycling through the color bits:
0x0000 gives black
0x0001 gives a very dim blue
0x0002 gives a slightly brighter blue
0x0004 gives a slightly brighter blue that 0x0002
0x0008 gives a brighter blue than 0x0004
0x0010 gives a brighter blue than 0x0008
0x0020 gives the brightest single bit blue.
0x0040 gives a very dim green
0x0080 gives a slightly brighter green
0x0100 gives a slightly brighter green than 0x0080
0x0200 gives a slightly brighter green than 0x0100
0x0400 gives a brighter green than 0x0200
0x0800 gives the brightest green
0x1000 gives a very dim red
0x2000 gives a slightly brighter red
0x4000 gives a slightly brighter red than 0x2000
0x8000 gives black

I have checked the signal on the lcd for the 16th bit, and it is cycling up and down.

It appears that the unit is in an 18 bit mode.

Attached is the 16bit i80 interface picture form the ILI9328 manual - I don't understand the 6th bit pointing to the 1st bit in the red and blue . . . . . . .

I set the RGB Display Interface Control 1 (0x0C) to 0x0001  That was the only place I could find to set the interface to 16 bit (other than the IMO pin which is set low)

I want 65k colors - not 256k.


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