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NHD-C12864WO-B1TFH#-M problem with sunlight

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recently I decided to use NHD-C12864WO-B1TFH#-M and he has a problem with sunlight, LCD becomes very dark. I bought 100 pieces. and all have this problem. Until now I instead use BTHQ128064AVO-FETF-06-LEDWHITE02-COG and I never had such problems.
Please tell me where I'm wrong.

Wiring diagram.

screen capture tool


Would it be possible to provide the date code on these displays.

for over an year

Now I have bought a quantity of 100 pcs of:

but it seems they have a problem fading to black when exposed to moderate to intensive sunlight. How can I resolve my problem? Is it a problem with the displays, or there is a crucial incompatibility between both LCDs? I intend to buy much bigger quantity of these displays (NewHaven) in very near future. Should I return the quantity of 100 pcs NewHaven displays to and look for another supplier?
I used Batron displays and they were able to implement 64 grades of contrast, but Newhaven displays were not able to implement any. Also if you need me to send you the initialization code that my software does to the NewHaven Displays, I will provide it.
Here I give you my colleague's Skype ID, in order to communicate with him faster and eventually resolve the problem. it is kostaki12301 (Skype).
Best regards,
and hope you are able to discuss and resolve the issue very soon.


Could you please send the initialization sequence you are using for the display.
I will conduct a test here as well.

Do you by any chance have any light sensitive components on your PCB?

Could you take a picture of the back of these displays as well?



Here are the photos of the back of the displays:

This device has no photo-sensitive and no photo-emitting parts (besides the backlight of the LCD screen). The PCB of the device is located behind the LCD and they both are glued to each other. There is no light entering to the back of the LCD. The only sunlight that enters is through the front panel's window: here is a photo of the front panel of the device:

Here is the LCD initialization procedure:
        cbi     PORTE,2         ;Reset LCD Low
        call    wait_20ms
        sbi     PORTE,2         ;Reset LCD High
        call    wait_20ms

        putcmd  $40
        putcmd  $a0
        putcmd  $a6
        putcmd  $a4
        putcmd  $a3 ; (a2) LCD Bias Set    a2=1/9 bias, a3 = 1/7 bias (ST7565)

        putcmd  $2f
        putcmd  $27

        putcmd  $81
        putcmd  $3A

        putcmd  $af
        rcall   wait_20ms


There were no such problems with the previous LCD model that we were using for more than one year: (BTHQ128064AVO-FETF-06-LEDWHITE02-COG)

Since I got some deadlines and engagements to keep I really hope you could resolve my problem and give me a solution A.S.A.P !


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