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Commercial design with 7" LCD


Using the NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV#-CTP display I built in-house, a commercial design for an international client to log data from a down hole gauge and communicate and control a Variable Speed Drive.

The Newhaven displays are excellent. They may not be the cheapest on the market compared to Chinese options but the support from Newhaven is second to none and the fact that all the voltages for the displays are generated within the LCD module makes the design simple as using 3.3V and the digital inputs. Quality is also top notch.

I have used the 4.3" and 5.0" displays in the past but decided to use the 7" on this unit to better fit the overall unit size.

The unit itself has a special interface that I designed to convert two 4-20mA sensors onto the one grounded cable. This allows me to have temperature and pressure in the well and at a price that makes it low cost enough to allow this client to instrument each well. Conventional downhole sensors are expensive. Using 4-20mA we can instrument wells down to 12,000 feet depth.

The rest of the system is standard 4-20mA inputs for surface pressure and temperature sensors and an optional storage tank calculation for one of the sensors.

The unit includes a 3G GSM modem to allow the well data to be transmitted to a server or via SMS. This modem can be offered in USA and International operating frequencies.

My only request to Newhaven for the future is to have a high brightness version of this display. Something along the lines of the 4.3" option would be great. :)

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Thanks for sharing your project with us! This is a very interesting application use for our 7.0" capacitive TFT and we appreciate the compliments. You mentioned you would be interested in this TFT as a high brightness version and you'll be happy to note that we will be coming out with new high brightness and a sunlight readable TFTs in a 7.0" size very soon, within the month. We currently offer a variety of premium high brightness and sunlight readable TFTs in the 4.3" size already, check them out here:   If you still don't see something you like, please contact our engineers who will be happy to discuss any customizing options.

We have a promotion currently running this month for sharing so as a thank you, please check your (forum) messages for your reward.  ;D


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