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Can one change the backlight color of a dot matrix LCD ?


As far as I understand, dot matrix LCDs use a backlight LED that lights up the active display area through a optical guide. And this is located on the side. Shouldn't it be possible to replace it with another color?

Here's a dot matrix example:


Hi Alex,

It is possible to use a different color backlight for these displays.
This display for example has 3 different color LEDs (Red, Green, Blue), and the text on this display will appear in the same color as the backlight. You could also combine the colors together to produce a combination of the colors as well.

That works nice if the display has a RGB feature. But suppose I want a display with FSTN(-) 128x64 and the NHD-12864WG-FTTI-VZ#000 is the only one that matches that. But it only features a white LED backligtht, no RGB, and I need the red backlight. Is it possible to open and switch the physical LED used?
That would make many more displays a possible choice.

Because as I understand it. Most of these dot matrix displays uses a light guide which ends at the side where a LED is located. Thus it should be relatively easy to get to.

You are correct about many displays using a side backlight with a wave guide. You would be able to open the display and change the LED to RED, however this is not recommended.

If you were to open the LCD there is a chance that the LCD will not operate normally when put back together. There is also a chance that the back of the display glass could also be damaged.
Opening the display will also void our warranty.

Is there any way to get to, and replace the LED without removing anything that holds the actual glass substrate?
I suspect the metal frame on the top is the one that holds the display glass in tight contact with the electrical connections.


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