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Need Tansflective as opposed to Transmissive Graphic Display


I am working on a new product development project that is used in the outdoor environment. I am targeting a 3.5" 320x240 color display with Touch-Screen for the user interface. I had acquired a NHD‐3.5‐320240MF‐ATXL#‐T‐1 display but soon realized that it does not perform well enough outside in the sunlight. My search for an alternate color display shows that there is a very limited range of choices available and none, so far, that matches the specifications of the Newhave P/N NHD‐3.5‐320240MF‐ATXL#‐T‐1 display.

Where do I go or who can I contact about getting the equivalent of a NHD‐3.5‐320240MF‐ATXL#‐T‐1 display that operates in the "Transflective" mode as opposed to the "Transmissive" mode. Note that the backlight would not be required for this application but would not be a problem if included as a feature.

We unfortunately do not currently offer any transflective type TFT displays.  Is there a certain brightness rating you are trying to meet for your application?  We may be able to supply a custom TFT with a higher brightness, but it will still be a transmissive type.


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