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NHD-0108FZ-RN-YBW Newbie help?


Hi, support-folk!
                            My 2 NHD-0108FZ-RN-YBWs arrived today (GREAT shipping response, by the way!), and I've wired one of them to my breadboard, following what I believed to be the correct wiring sequence as called for in your specs document... it's sitting in parallel with an Adafruit 16x2 display which is working fine, but the 0801 seems not to show anything but some extremely dim boxes.... I'm sure it's something I'm doing or not doing, but I've no idea what.... Can anybody there shed any light on this? 



I believe I spoke with you over the phone a few moments ago regarding this.  Just to reiterate, the controllers between the two are not a 100% match, and some changes need to be made in your software to get our display to work.  Please refer to the example code towards the end of the datasheet for the display to get you started, as that code will work for our display.

Thanks for the response, Michael!
         I'm playing with the example code near the bottom of the spec sheet, and find that the "delay()" function seems to be defined elsewhere.... Can you tell me where I might find it?


Update!  After connecting the (currently working) 16x2 LCD to the same wires as the NHD-0801, and noticing that it didn't work either, I decided to go back to square 1, and rewired the whole silly thing.... first with the 16x2... got that working, and unplugged the 16x2 from the breadboard, and plugged the NHD unit in where it has been (moved down 2 to allow for the lack of backlight connections, ran the old code I'd written for the 16x2, and it works like a champ!  Thanks for a great product!



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