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NHD-4.3CTP-Shield -- Hello world example compilation fails

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Gotta love changes that break existing code....

i just got my new NHD-4.3-Shield-Display, loaded the FTDI-801-Library into the actual
Arduino-IDE and get the same errors as Tim_Cole in every single demo-program.
Where can I find the correct 801-library fr the actual Arduino-IDE ?
Downgrading to an old IDE (1.0.6) is not an accaptable solution.

Best regards,

I've looked over the FTDI website and found nothing. As nearly as I can tell, a major revision to the GCC-AVR compiler broke this code after 1.5.6.

There doesn't seem to be a solution from FTDI, and it would appear that Newhaven is doing little more than repackaging the FTDI code.  This isn't a good situation, and I'm annoyed with the lack of response.

Morning Tim,

Im sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the FTDI_FT80x library. As stated previously the FT80x library was originally written with the old IDE, and since then the avr-gcc compiler has changed and certain keywords/datatypes give errors in the new Arduino IDEs. We are in the process of updating the library and will be putting in a pull request soon on our GitHub page.

In order to get the code to compile the datatypes will need to be updated to match the new Arduino IDE's syntax.


--- Code: ---Old Syntax:
typedef prog_uchar  ft_prog_uchar8_t;
typedef prog_char   ft_prog_char8_t;
typedef prog_uint16_t ft_prog_uint16_t;

New Syntax:
typedef const unsigned char  ft_prog_uchar8_t;
typedef const char   ft_prog_char8_t;
typedef const unsigned int ft_prog_uint16_t;

--- End code ---

For your reference I have emailed you an example sketch which I have updated to compile on version 1.6.13.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for this. I got this message via e-mail and downloaded the zip file. I'll look it over later today.
It certainly looks as though updating the syntax is time-consuming and tedious job. You really have to wonder why the avr-gcc gurus didn't provide some kind of backward compatibility switch, even if it resulted in blaring warnings about deprecated features.

Regards, Tim


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