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NHDev board interface?

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We're using the NHdev board together with NHD-2.2312832UCB3 OLED disp. We've tried to connect them with serial interface but no luck.

What interface does NHDev board use default? Is it possible to change it?
Is there a wiring diagram for between NHdev board and NHD-2.2312832UCB3?

Regards Kristofer

The NHDev board uses the 8-bit parallel interface in 6800 mode.  It is not possible to change this.
We do not have a diagram showing the connections between the display and NHDev board, however, the NHDev board's pins (seen on page 6 of the user guide, here: match the names of the pins on the OLED.  (D/C on the OLED is the same as RS on the NHDev board)  As for the BS2 and BS1 pins on the OLED, BS2 should be tied HIGH and BS1 should be tied LOW.

Thanks! It works now.

Is it possible to change the brightness or luminance with NHdev board together with NHD-2.2312832UCB3 OLED disp?

The brightness for the OLED is adjustable through software via the Set Brightness command on the SSD1305 controller, and is therefore not adjustable on the NHDev board.

Dear Sir,

I'm trying to develop a project with STM32F103 with NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL-CTP. I need NHDev board PCB layout and Schematic to use as a reference. Please share them if it is possible.

Also please let me know how can I get demonstration code for NHD-3.5-320240MF-ATXL-CTP with STM32F103.



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