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Question about 256x64 sample code


In the provided code snippet , there are some parts that neither my compiler nor i, can understand .

Link to the code :

  case 1:

Ascii_1 array was never defined, should i create a global ascii table array in order to make this function work ?


* Again, shift was never defined.
Both of these lines are in void Show_Font57_25664() function. I am trying to port this code to a pic MCU . How can i find the missing variables ?

Some of these commands are required for our NHDev Development Board code.

I do have example Arduino code for this display, could you please email me at for the examples.

hi Doug

did you ever find the missing pieces of the code for SSD1322 for  PIC microcontroller
I am having the same issues with Shift and Ascii_1 not defined I am interfacing with a PIC32
if you did please share


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