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NHD‐C0220BiZ‐FS(RGB)‐FBW‐3VM - Cable for LED Backlights



Given the LED backlight pins are what appears to be a non standard pitch (3mm) and size (~1.45mm), what are my options for a cable to connect to another board?

Sorry if this is a silly question and something I should know.



The LCD and backlight pins should be soldered directly onto a thru-hole connection on a PCB (not a cable).

For your convenience I have attached the recommended footprint below  ;)


[attachment deleted by admin]

Understood.  I was planning on mounting the display directly to the front panel of a power supply I'm building.  I thought I would investigate mounting it behind a an aluminum front panel.  This means I either have to use a cable directly from the display or have it mounted to an intermediate board that is then mounted to the front panel.

Thanks for the prompt reply.


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