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NHD-4.3xxx-Shield - Vertical Mode


Is it possible to set any transform / init code to enable the display to function in vertical mode? That is, portrait mode instead of landscape? There's an application I want to use this with that is better suited to have that format, and physical horizontal space is an issue.

I tried using Cmd_Rotate(x); but that only rotates individual bitmaps/letters. For example, if I draw the text "Hello", the individual characters will rotate, but the text will still be drawn in landscape mode.

Any clues? Or will I have to roll my own?

Orientation switching support was recently added to the second generation FT81x IC's.  Portrait operation is not natively-supported on the FT80X IC's.

You probably know this.

There is an Example: Demos: FT_App_Lift.ino that is in portrait orientation.


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